O/B Labs

Occasionally, we like to be the client, and work on projects driven by our own team’s interests and passions. This is O/B Labs:

2023 Calendar

A vibrant, postcard-style calendar

2023 feels like a new beginning. As part of this year’s client greeting, we wanted to bring our friends and colleagues a much-needed dose of colour and joy. Twelve original illustrations by our own design team are rendered in stunning neon Risograph inks on crisp white postcards, ready to be displayed on your wall or desk.

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A Canadian playlist based on your Canadian road trip

Wavway generates a playlist based on your next Canadian road trip. Provide a departure and a destination, and Wavway will build a Spotify playlist of songs with a connection to the places you’ll be travelling through. The O/B team curated a selection of almost a thousand songs, each tied to a place and time. Highlights include Sisters of Mercy written by Leonard Cohen when he was snowed in at a hotel in Edmonton, Alberta; or Murder Murder, a bluegrass group from Sudbury that exclusively performs ‘murder ballads’. Whether you’re travelling across the country or across the GTA, you’re sure to uncover a hidden gem.

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Wriddle Wrap

Your gift, wrapped in a riddle

Delivered as several poster-sized sheets of wrapping paper, gift tags and string, this package provided everything needed to add some interactive intrigue to your holiday gifts. Each sheet of wrapping paper was adorned with massive word-searches, mazes, and Sudoku puzzles, and was designed to be used as a whole sheet, or cut down into smaller sizes. The custom gift tags included a link to the puzzle solution page, just in case your recipient gets stumped.

Check out the puzzle solution page

A Cup of Cheer

Custom Coffee and Tea blends

Lovingly referred to internally as Office/Brew 2.0, this client gift was an outlet for our team’s shared passion for coffee and tea. We repackaged two of Hatch‘s most popular coffee beans, created two custom tea blends, and combined them into a cozy holiday care package.

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Office Brewed Beers

Originally conceived as part of a 2017 client gift and brewed in our office kitchen, the Office Brew lineup consisted of an earthy amber ale and refreshing Belgian wheat. The O/B team brewed and bottled the beer, designed custom labels, and sourced a set of custom wooden carriers from a local artisan. This limited edition set of 30 bottles made its way to clients across the country, just in time for the holidays.

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